Challenges for the WordPress Community as it Matures

Mike Jordan’s post on the WordPress community has some great insight and challenging thoughts. The truth is, however, that our community does not have these rare traits simply because its members are just that awesome. The primary reason that our community is so approachable, is that for the first several years of its life we had to […]

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The Values Behind Startup Culture

What Your Culture Really Says is a compelling peak behind the startup culture curtain.

This is not a critique of the practices themselves, which often contribute value to an organization. This is to show a contrast between the much deeper, systemic cultural problems that are rampant in our startups and the materialistic trappings that can disguise them.

How WordPress Saves Lives: Freedom, Hope and Custom Post Types

Paul Clark’s presentation at WordCamp Phoenix 2013 is a must-watch for any developer who’s interested in using technology to advance human rights and social justice. He describes how his team used open-source technologies to help a human-rights organization in Burma manage their information in ways that have a direct impact on their mission and the lives […]

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Sidestepping the Debate About Quotas

Lately we’ve been having a discussion within the Seattle WordPress Meetup about how to be more inclusive, and welcome people who are traditionally under-represented or discouraged from participating in tech communities. During the discussion, Mark Root-Wiley linked to an article by Courtney Stanton where she describes how she was able to get women to represent […]

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Maintaining Personal Integrity in Your Career

Barry Eisler asks some tough questions in this essay on journalistic integrity, and I think they can also be applied to working on the Web, or in any industry. I like to think of myself as having strong standards for what types of clients and projects I take on, but after reading the article, I’m left […]

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Pushing Back Against Unreasonable Employer Demands

I just read a good article on work/life balance from Kendall Guillemette. It’s encouraging to hear others in the industry pushing back against the sense of entitlement many employers have regarding our time (which is to say, our lives). I think the 40-hour work week was one of the most important advances of the labor movement, […]

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