Composite Primary Keys

Here’s a good introduction to composite primary keys by Jeff Smith. When you’re defining a database table that’s being used to relate two other tables (e.g., products_discounts to map discounts to particular products), you should always create it with a composite primary key (i.e., both the product_id and discount_id columns) rather than a single identity column […]

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Performance Improvements for Dedicated WordPress Servers

Mark Maunder benchmarked several performance tuning measures with a WordPress installation on a VPS server to show which are most effective. The biggest improvements were from installing PHP-APC, setting up Nginx to proxy concurrent connections for Apache, and using MySQL’s query cache.

Comprehensive WordPress Multisite Migrations

Warning: This hasn’t been updated since 2011. It should still be somewhat useful, but you’ll likely need to do additional research and testing on changes since then. Migrating multiple standalone installations of WordPress into Multisite can be relatively easy if you don’t need it to be perfect. The Codex has a basic guide and Stephanie […]

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