Exercising Care and Giving Users Control

Aaron Gustafson was interviewed about PWAs in episode 34 of React Round Up, and made a great point about being careful with how those features are used:

A lot of it’s about exercising care with the stuff that a user is allowing you to do on their computer, and being aware that this is a person you’re dealing with, which I don’t think we do enough of.

There are so many sites that I go to that, the first time I go to the site, they’re immediately like, “Hey! Give me your location! Hey! Can I send you push notifications?!? Hey! Can I do…” and I’m like, “No! No. You get none of that!”

So I think we need to seem a little less needy, and give people context for when things are important, and how we intend to use them, and give users control over how we use them.

Timestamp 29:16

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