My name is Ian Dunn and I created this blog to cover information related to my professional life as a web developer. It contains solutions to problems I’ve run into and may need again in the future, rants on web standards and best practices, and any other random thing I feel like sharing.

I live in Seattle and work on the Dot Org team at Automattic*, where I’m sponsored to contribute to WordPress full time. My primary focus is building tools to support the WordCamp and meetup programs, but I also pitch in sometimes to help support with WordPress Corethe WordPress Meta EnvironmentWordPress.tv, and the network of WordPress.org sites.

I’m a big fan of web standards and the open source movement, and I have a perfectionist streak that lends itself towards obsessing over best practices. In addition to my work at Automattic, I also maintain a few open source WordPress plugins and some miscellaneous projects.

Before joining Automattic, I did a lot of client work as a developer, and also a some systems- and network administration.

All of the original content on this site is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0.

* This should go without saying, but anything I write here is my personal opinion; I don’t speak on behalf of Automattic or the WordPress project.