Creating Object-Oriented WordPress Plugins That Implement MVC

I’ll be giving a presentation at the Seattle WordPress Developers Meetup tomorrow about how to write WordPress plugins that are both object-oriented, and implement the Model-View-Controller pattern.

If you plan on attending, you can follow along with the slides and download the lab files.

Sidestepping the Debate About Quotas

Lately we’ve been having a discussion within the Seattle WordPress Meetup about how to be more inclusive, and welcome people who are traditionally under-represented or discouraged from participating in tech communities. During the discussion, Mark Root-Wiley linked to an article by Courtney Stanton where she describes how she was able to get women to represent […]

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Designers Shouldn’t Write Code

A discussion came up recently on the Seattle WordPress Meetup discussion board that hits on a big pet peeve of mine — designers writing code. After replying with my own thoughts, I wanted to see what other people were saying about the topic, so I did some searching and came across this essay by Davide Casali. […]

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