Creating Object-Oriented WordPress Plugins That Implement MVC

I’ll be giving a presentation at the Seattle WordPress Developers Meetup tomorrow about how to write WordPress plugins that are both object-oriented, and implement the Model-View-Controller pattern.

If you plan on attending, you can follow along with the slides and download the lab files.

Including External View Files in WordPress Widgets

I ran into a problem today while cleaning up and modifying some widgets. I moved all of the markup inside widget() to an external view file, and then included it via require_once(), which worked fine. I then tried to do the same thing inside form(), but didn’t get any output. It turns out that you […]

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Comparing WordPress, Drupal and Joomla in 2011

Ok, so it’s already 2012, but I just came across an article comparing the three from last year and it was a good read. Like a lot of articles, though, the real value is in the comments more than the article itself. Going into it I had the impression that Joomla was a stagnant mess, but […]

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