Writing is Better than Talking

Zach Holman explains why textual mediums like chat and e-mail are often better ways to communicate and collaborate than real-time mediums like conference calls and face-to-face meetings, but also recognizes that there are a few situations where the opposite is true. Just one more reason why I strongly prefer working remotely.

Do All Websites Need to be Responsive Right Now?

I agree with the principles behind responsive web design, but I think this is a good thing to keep in mind when talking to clients: Timing is everything. For businesses that are trying to turn a profit, their return on investment (ROI) matters. Although mobile is important, it still amounts to a very small percentage of […]

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What Really Motivates Us

Dan Pink’s talk at RSA presents some really interesting ideas about what really motivates people to work. Contrary to popular opinion among management, mainstream studies reveal that people don’t really care about making more money, as long as they have enough to meet their basic needs. What really drives us is mastering our craft, having autonomy […]

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The Necessity of Contracts

Mike Monteiro and Gabe Levine gave a great presentation for Creative Mornings on the necessity of contracts when doing client work. I never really liked using them because 95% of projects go smoothly and it seems kind of impersonal, but after a recent experience and talking to other developers, I’m beginning to see the need for them, and […]

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