Maintaining Personal Integrity in Your Career

Barry Eisler asks some tough questions in this essay on journalistic integrity, and I think they can also¬†be applied to working on the Web, or in any industry. I like to think of myself as having strong standards for what types of clients and projects I take on, but after reading the article, I’m left […]

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Do All Websites Need to be Responsive Right Now?

I agree with the principles behind responsive web design, but I think this is a good thing to keep in mind when talking to clients: Timing is everything. For businesses that are trying to turn a profit, their return on investment (ROI) matters.¬†Although mobile is important, it still amounts to a very small percentage of […]

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Unfortunately from time to time I have the unpleasant task of dealing with GoDaddy in one form or another, and today I noticed another failure with their services that caught me by surprise. If you knew how low my opinion of GoDaddy was to begin with, then you’d realize how bad the problem must have […]

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