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How to Create Strong Passwords

by Ian Dunn

We just updated the password advice we give to users so that it focuses on modern techniques like password managers and passphrases. It’s aimed at non-technical users, and very little of it is specific to, so it’s a good resource to share with clients or friends who could use a little nudge towards improving their… [more]

What Really Makes a Password Strong?

by Ian Dunn

Bob Yexley turned me on to passphrases a few years ago when he linked to what became a seminal article on the topic by Robert Hensing. The argument is that passphrases — random words strung together to form a phrase, e.g., monkey stars hatchback questioning¬†—¬†are both more secure and easier to remember than what are traditionally considered strong passwords (e.g., m?6t2E#A9fkd). The main source of… [more]