How (misusing) Slack is Ruining Work

Rani Molla recently published The productivity pit: how Slack is ruining work

Keeping up with these conversations can seem like a full-time job. After a while, the software goes from helping you work to making it impossible to get work done…

Ironically, for some, email has now become the place for well-thought-out communications while workplace software has been inundated by thoughtless meme and emoji sharing.

“There’s definitely a sweet spot… As with any new tool, we have to learn how to responsibly use it.”

“If we don’t think critically about how we use the tools, we’re going to be the same exact people in a new place… We’re just moving email to another place and it’s less searchable.”

This is just the most recent in a long series of people reacting to the harmful effects of mis-using Slack. Here’s a few other great ones:

There’s also this classic from Jason Heeris:

This is why you shouldn't interrupt a programmer
This is why you shouldn’t interrupt a programmer

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