Stop Breaking the Web

Reading Stop Breaking the Web by Nicolás Bevacqua’s feels like a breath of fresh air.

He writes about how several common practices in the JavaScript community have led to poor user experiences, and violated some of the fundamental principles that made the Web what is today:

[exclusive client-side rendering] is slow because the human now has to download all of your markup, your CSS, and your JavaScript before the JavaScript is able to render the view the user expected you to deliver in the first place. When did we agree to trade performance for frameworks?

It is backwards because you should be delivering the content in human-viewable form first, and not after every single render blocking request out there finishes loading. This means that a human-ready HTML view should be rendered in the server-side and served to the human, then you can add your fancy JavaScript magic on top of that, while the user is busy making sense of the information you’ve presented them with.

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