Virtual Workspaces for Windows

I’ve been using Linux since high school — which is longer ago than I care to admit ;) — and one of my favorite features of *nix window managers has always been the concept of workspaces, but for some reason it never occurred to me until today to search for a Windows tool that would create them. A few minutes on Google revealed several options:

  • VirtuaWin –  This one is my favorite. It’s pretty much perfect.
    • It even has an extra option to preserve the dynamic order of applications on the taskbar, so it’ll work with Taskbar Shuffle.
    • When I first started it I got an error that the hotkeys couldn’t be registered, but I just had to disable the corresponding hotkeys in Winamp and the Intel Graphics control panel to avoid conflicts.
  • PowerToys Virtual Desktop Manager – This works pretty well, but there was some flickering for me when transitioning between desktops, and it takes up way too much room on the taskbar.
  • Dexpot – This works well, but the interface is kind of clunky.

This is pretty huge for someone as neurotic about organization as I am.

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