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Why Hash-bang URLs are Bad

by Ian Dunn

WebMonkey has a good article explaining why hash-bang URLS are a bad idea .  If you’re not familiar with them, they have  #! symbols at the beginning of the path, e.g.!/username. They rely entirely on JavaScript to parse and therefore make the site inaccessible to browsers without  JavaScript (or those with it turned off by the user), assistive technologies that people with disabilities use, and… [more]

Another Obtuse Attempt to Control the Internet

by Ian Dunn

Check out Mark Jaquith’s post on the PROTECT IP Act for a basic rundown on why it’s bad and what you can do to help stop it.

Deflating the Hype Behind Cloud Computing

by Ian Dunn

In a lot of ways I’m leery of the recent trends towards converting traditional products that you buy once and own into services that you have to lease every month, and hosting data with centralized corporate networks instead of locally, so I appreciate Mark Maunder’s post on his experiences collocating his company’s hardware instead of using the cloud . I think there are valid cases for the cloud,… [more]

Different Approaches to Building a Theme-based Site

by Ian Dunn

Mark Root-Wiley wrote a great article on the pros and cons of using premium themes, writing child themes and writing themes from scratch . It’s discussed in the context of WordPress themes, but most of it is applicable to other CMSs as well. I think it’s a good introduction to give clients when discussing which method is best for their project.

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