Installing Additional Software on Endian Firewall

Endian doesn’t ship with gcc, apt or yum, so it can be kind of confusing at first if you’re trying to figure out how to install some extra packages. It comes with Smart Package Manager, which you can use to install CentOS binary RPMs from (CentOS 4) or (CentOS 5). Try the version 4 first. You may get lots of errors if you try to install RPMs build for other distributions.

If anything you try to install says that it’ll remove packages (like glibc-common), don’t do it. You could remove a lot of core packages and end up having to reinstall Endian from scratch. Not that I would know anything about that…

First run smart config –set rpm-check-signatures=False to avoid errors about invalid keys. Then you can do
smart install
smart install

You can still get stuck in dependency hell, though. Smart might be able to auto download dependencies if you add a channel, but I don’t have the time/motivation to look into that right now.

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