Home page posts missing when using Pretty Permalinks for WordPress on IIS

I’ve been working on a problem recently with the Pretty Permalinks solution for WordPress on IIS. I was migrating a working WordPress blog from one server to another and once it was on the new server the front page would come up w/ the theme, but instead of the default posts it would say “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” If I reverted to the default ?p=id permalinks everything worked fine, but not with /%postname%. With the %postname% permalinks, any sub pages would work, just not http://example.com/blog. http://example.com/blog/index.php would work, though. I think the problem is because the site was using PHP’s ISAPI module instead of FastCGI. The server I was moving to only had CGI and ISAPI, so instead of using FastCGI I just created a /blog/index.html and set IIS to redirect it to http://example.com/blog/index.php

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